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home inspector study videos

Suggested Videos

This is a short video from the InterNACHI school with Lon Henderson teaching some tips and tricks about inspecting a garage.

InterNACHI's Lon Henderson shows how to inspect a gas fireplace according to InterNACHI SOP.

Follow along with Certified Professional Inspector® Ray Kline and Lon Henderson as they inspect the heating system of a home according to InterNACHI's Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

Here are a few tips on identifying and inspecting stucco and EIFS on a residential dwelling during a home inspection.

Follow along with Certified Professional Inspector® Ray Kline as he performs a home inspection according to the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice. From top to bottom, and inside and out, Ray covers the SOP step by step on this Colorado home.

Kenton Shepard made this short video for InterNACHI showing safe and proper use of a ladder as well as some information on types of ladders and ratings.

(Depending on your browser options, you may only be able to view this video on your desktop and not on your phone.)

This is a short video from "The Engineering Mindset" that explains more about how electricity flows from the service through the home's panels. This video offers explanations about the proper set up for sub panels and how electricity flows through the system correctly and what it looks like with various faults.

In this video, the InterNACHI school hosts Kenton Shepard walking us through a garage inspection.

Nick Gromicko hosts this video that shows what to look for when inspecting fireplaces and chimneys.

Learn some tips on how to inspect water heaters with InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector® Ray Kline.

Follow along with Certified Professional Inspector® Ben Gromicko as he performs a stucco inspection on a home in Arizona.

Richard with Ask This Old House explains several reasons why a trap may be losing water.

Investigative reporter Bob Segall shows why smoke alarms with photoelectric technology are a much better option for detecting slow-burning smoky fires.

A structural engineer and home inspector leads us through a structural inspection of a home with multiple issues in this InterNACHI video.

Learn how to inspect an interior stairway during a home inspection. Paige Peters hosts this video as a special guest instructor on NACHI TV.

Steve Stenros- First Choice Inspections performs a pool inspection at this San Diego home.

Learn tips on performing a home inspection and writing a home inspection report using mobile software by following an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI® Ben Gromicko.

Here is a short video from This Old House with Richard and Kevin explaining how a heat pump works.

AC and DC current explained by James the Bald Engineer. Using simple circuits for each type of electricity, you will learn why they are different.

Most of these videos will be viewed during the class sessions. We include them here for your review. These videos contain a lot of great information and we think it is worth while to watch them more than once to help you with your studies.

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