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Final Exam
Practice Quizzes

The final exam and quizzes links are only available to our students. A link will be provided during the class.

home inspector quiz

About our Exam & Quizzes

As a student of That Place Home Inspector Training, you will receive a password that will allow access to the Final Exam and Practice Quizzes. All students must pass a final exam. You will also have the opportunity to take additional practice quizzes. The questions include topics that are covered in class as well as many other questions that are similar to what might be expected on the NHIE. Much like the NHIE, our exam and quizzes will allow you to "bookmark" a question. This allows you to tackle the tough questions later or review questions that you're not sure about. The quizzes and exams will also let you know which questions you missed and you will get to see  the correct answers. 


Tips that we suggest to help you pass the NHIE:

  • Sign up for our class.

  • Utilize the free 3 month membership we offer to InterNACHI to complete your additional 35 hours of training. Focus your studies on taking classes that cover areas that are not your strengths.

  • Complete practice tests until you feel good about your results.

  • There is no actual data base of NHIE questions, but many practice quizzes and tests (including ours) will be helpful.

  • While the NHIE avoids using questions with correct answers similar to "All of the above", they will word the questions in ways such as "all of the following are correct except". Be sure to read all questions carefully.

  • "Bookmark" the tough questions. That will allow you to save some time overall. And, you may see a similar question later that will trigger a thought for you and help you remember the best answer for the question.

  • Be well rested on the day of your exam.

NHIE national home inspector exam tips and advice
home inspector test

Final Exam

Once you have completed the in class portion of our course, you will be expected to take a final exam. Our final exams are 100 questions that are randomly chosen from a large data base of available questions. You will be expected to pass this exam with 80% correct answers. We hope this exam will also help with your preparation for the NHIE.









Practice Quizzes

The quizzes are 25 questions that are randomly chosen from a large data base of available questions and are organized by syllabus topics. There will also be practice final exams that are 50 questions drawn from all areas. These quizzes and exams are an excellent resource to help you practice for the NHIE. As you take the quizzes and exams, you will be able to see if you answered correctly. We recommend that you research questions that you do not answer correctly to learn more about the topic. We also recommend that you focus your studies in areas where you struggle on quizzes and exams, whether it's our quizzes and exams or from other resources.

home inspector quiz
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